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Angle spokesman says Reid hasn’t helped Nevada education

By ThisIsReno


Nevada was eliminated from the running yesterday for the Race to the Top program funding, a $3 billion federal program to promote excellence in public education. Nevada was knocked out of the second round of finalists by 19 other states.

Jerry Stacy, a spokesperson for U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, said that if any state needed help in the educational department, it’s Nevada.

“The state is not just ranked last for jobs with its staggering 14.2 percent unemployment rate, Nevada has also been named in last place for education,” Stacy said. “Harry Reid claims ‘no one can do more’ for Nevada, but he hasn’t been able to use his famous Washington influence to help out our last-place state education system, and if Nevada sticks with Harry Reid, we’ll stay stuck in last place. We need a senator with a commitment to our education system and a passion for making our state number one–we need a Senator like Sharron Angle.”

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