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Opinion: Brian Sandoval proposes laying off 724 Washoe County teachers



roryreid-150x150-9007931-1816135Brian Sandoval, the Republican candidate for governor, proposes laying off one in five Nevada teachers, meaning 724 Washoe County teachers would be forced out of classrooms.

That’s 724 Washoe County teachers gone from our children’s classrooms. That’s larger class sizes and fewer opportunities for students. That’s Brian Sandoval’s pink-slip agenda for our schools. It would decimate education and set our struggling economy back even further.

“I am the only candidate who understands that stronger schools are the key to a stronger economy,” Rory Reid said. “We will never have a first-rate economy if we continue to accept second-rate schools. Unfortunately, like Jim Gibbons, Brian Sandoval fails to grasp that we will not draw business to Nevada if we can’t produce an educated workforce and can’t provide great schools for the children of business executives and their employees.”

These cuts would have a devastating impact across Nevada. Rural and urban communities, in the North and the South, would lose their valuable teachers, leaving our children with subpar schools when Nevada already ranks dead last in the nation in graduation rates. Poor schools will continue to hinder our economic recovery, and Sandoval puts schools at the bottom of his agenda.

“Education will be my top priority as governor,” Rory said. “I will not compromise on our children’s future. Brian Sandoval has a different agenda, one that includes taking away money from our children’s classrooms, doing nothing to improve the quality of our schools, and doing nothing to build a new economy. That’s the choice Nevada voters face in November.”

Rory Reid is the only candidate for governor to offer solutions for today and a plan for Nevada’s future success–supporting strong schools for a stronger economy. For more information about his campaign or to download his plans, visit Rory2010.com.

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