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Governor approves plan to phase out Nevada State Prison in Carson City



officialgovernorjimgibbons_sm-214x300-1286592-8247890CARSON CITY — Governor Jim Gibbons today approved plans for a phase out of operations at Nevada State Prison (NSP) in Carson City. “It costs taxpayers an extra $4000 to $6000 per inmate for prisoners at NSP because the facility is so old and poorly designed,” Governor Gibbons said, “Additionally, NSP is not as safe for prison staff as other facilities.” Right now, more than 650 inmates are being held at NSP.

Department of Corrections (DOC) Director Howard Skolnik has already come up with plans for the phase out of NPS. Inmates at the facility will be transferred to other prisons and prison staff will be offered jobs at other DOC facilities. Ending operation of the NSP is expected to save at least $3-million.

The DOC will implement “once-a-month” furloughs starting July 1, 2010. The phased closing of NSP will provide additional resources to address safety and staffing concerns at other Nevada prisons after the furlough program begins.

The Nevada Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission recommended closing the prison more than two years ago. The Nevada legislature, heavily influenced by labor unions, has refused to allow the prison to be closed.

“We need to stop bowing to labor unions and do what is best for the taxpayers of Nevada,” Governor Gibbons said, “Parts of the NSP are more than 100 years old. The inefficiencies are a waste of taxpayer’s money and the safety issues put staff, inmates and the Carson City community at risk.”

Portions of the prison facility, built more recently, would remain open, including buildings housing a print shop, license plate fabrication and the execution chamber.

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