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Angle to Reid: Stop the job-killing energy bill

By ThisIsReno


U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle said today that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to insist on pushing for another version of the energy cap and trade bill this year reflects his arrogance in his continuous support for legislation opposed by the people of Nevada and a majority of the American people.

“At a time when private sector job growth is stalled and the country is already facing a massive tax increase in 2011 when the current tax cuts expire, the last thing we need is legislation which will act like a tax on energy consumption and raise the utility bills of every American,” Angle said. “Instead of ‘cap and tax,’ Reid should support increased production of domestic energy sources and encourage the Senate to pass the disapproval resolution set for a vote June 10 to stop the EPA from imposing its own cap and tax program by government fiat.”

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