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Angle blasts Reid on supporting EPA regs that harm Nevada

By ThisIsReno


U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle said that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was “continuing his work against the people of Nevada” by defeating an attempt to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from imposing draconian energy regulations. The Senate defeated a resolution of disapproval of those regulations by a vote of 47-53 on Thursday.

“Once again Harry Reid has put the extreme environmental agenda of the Obama Administration against the well-being of his own state,” Angle said. “He twisted arms of his fellow Democrats who wanted to vote for the resolution, causing it to fail. These regulations proposed by EPA would be harmful to most sectors of the domestic energy industry and eventually substantially raise the utility bill of every American. Even one of the most liberal members of the Senate, Jay Rockefeller, said he was voting for the resolution because he ‘didn’t want EPA turning out the lights on America.’”

“It’s time to replace a senator who is so out of touch with what the people of Nevada want,” Angle said.

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