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Opinion: Two assembly candidates send out the same mail piece

By ThisIsReno


Nevada Assembly 25 Candidate Pat Hickey and Assembly 26 Candidate Randy Kirner issued campaign literature over the weekend that coincidentally enough were virtually mirror images of each other.

“You just have to shake your head and wonder–why would you bother running for office if you don’t have ideas and solutions of your own?” said Orrin Johnson, Republican candidate for Assembly 25. “And frankly, it’s troubling that anyone would put their name to a product so clearly not their own.”

In spite of opposition to illegal immigration being a position almost all GOP candidates share, Pat Hickey had been attempting to make illegal immigration the main theme of his campaign. Apparently, however, he hadn’t spent a great deal of his own time crafting his own messages or solutions. Voters are looking for candidates with fresh and realistic ideas that will help Nevada return to economic prosperity.

“This is clearly the product of a campaign and a candidate who isn’t serious about solving Nevada’s illegal immigration problem,” Johnson said. “It certainly shouldn’t give anyone any confidence that my opponent will bring anything new to the table in Carson City.”

“Frankly, this lack of seriousness from politicians in general is exactly the kind of thing voters in my district are so frustrated with, and why they’re so eager for a fresh voice, fresh blood, and new ideas,” Johnson added. “I know I feel that way, and that’s why I’m running. More than anything else, this ‘Photocopy Campaign’ is perfectly emblematic of why we need a new generation of principled conservative leaders in Carson City.”

Orrin Johnson is committed to being part of a new generation of principled conservatives and has worked hard to fully understand the issues and priorities important to the voters of Assembly 25.

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