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Opinion: my opponent wants to raise your taxes


Submitted by Orrin Johnson


In yesterday’s on-line edition of the Reno Gazette Journal, one of my primary opponents made some disturbing proposals which would devastate Nevada businesses and our economy while driving thousands of jobs away from our state. I need you help to ensure this doesn’t happen. Contribute to my campaign today.

After saying that extending the job and business killing billion dollar tax increase of 2009 should “be on the table,” Pat Hickey then proposed a new tax. He wants to tax “bank transfers and money orders sent abroad.”

A new tax on Nevada business and families would be catastrophic. Many of our nation’s biggest and most successful companies maintain their headquarters here but do business all over the world. They generate profits abroad which then come back to Nevada and into the pockets of the Nevadans who are either employed by those companies or work hard to provide goods and services for their neighbors. It’s not just gaming – hundreds of major employers from all sectors of the economy operating all over the world call Nevada home.

If such a tax were imposed, those companies would have no choice but to relocate to other states or even other countries – taking their jobs and revenue (and our hope of economic recovery) with them.

My opponent claims this proposal will make illegal immigrants “pay their fair share” but fails to consider how his plan would impact the Nevada businesses who are already providing jobs and helping our economy. This proposal would cost Nevada thousands of jobs and make it harder or even impossible for us to bring new international businesses to Nevada. And, it would do absolutely nothing to collect money from illegal immigrants, many of whom are being paid under the table to avoid taxes as it is.

The constant quest to pay for runaway government spending with “Other People’s Money” is exactly what has led to the economic crisis reverberating all over Nevada and the United States. My opponent’s proposal, while I’m sure well intentioned, is alarming, short-sighted, and dangerous.

We can’t afford more of this kind of “politician” thinking, taxing, and spending.

This is why I’m running – it’s time for a new generation of principled conservatives who understand the free market and will not burden Nevada’s productive employers with new taxes. We can get government spending under control, protect jobs for Nevadans, and build ourselves a prosperous and sustainable future!

To do this, I need your help. Please contribute $20, $50, $100, or $500 to our efforts to protect and promote a prosperous Nevada!


Orrin Johnson
Candidate For Nevada State Assembly 25

PS: Very soon voters all over District 25 will know what you already do about me and our shared vision for Nevada – but getting that information to them takes money. No one in this race has Big Money on their side, which means small, individual contributions will make a huge difference. Please donate $20, $50, $100, or $500 today for this final push!

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