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Opinion: Lowden still being pounded from all angles



ffhrlogo-300x55-6962635-2217675For more than a month, Republican Sue Lowden’s campaign has been imploding following a self-inflicted wound that made her a local and national laughingstock. Although it was generally assumed, new data this week confirmed what many had suspected–Lowden’s campaign is in a tailspin.

Top conservative blogger Erick Erickson pulled no punches this morning at Redstate.com on the take-away from recent events: “I think Lowden will be a terrible nominee and, worse, unwilling to put principle above party loyalty in the Senate, even when party loyalty deviates from conservatism.” And leading Nevada conservative voice Chuck Muth, once considered a shill for Sue Lowden’s campaign, has a column in the Nevada Appeal chronicling the details of Lowden’s sudden collapse.

Things have gotten so bad that Lowden is now being mocked on the editorial page of the Review-Journal. Note this passage from today’s John L. Smith column:

    In weeks she’s gone from unflappable shoo-in to a cackle-generating “Chickengate” candidate. Although in a Review-Journal story Lowden blamed daily media assaults by the Reid and Tarkanian camps for her softening poll numbers, that doesn’t wash. Lowden’s campaign appears to be losing its gravity by the day, and resorting to political stunts … makes her look like less than the front-runner. It’s the kind of amateurish theater usually reserved for third-party candidates and far-end political groups.

Lowden’s flailing campaign was also mocked in a hilarious cartoon that ran in the Review-Journal this morning.

After months of touting her role as front runner, Lowden’s credibility is being questioned far and wide, and from all angles.

At the national level, Christina Bellatoni has a piece entitled “GOP comes to Harry Reid’s Rescue with intraparty brawl” at TPMDC, and conservatives that aren’t bailing on Lowden for Sharron Angle are ripping her apart on behalf of Tarkanian. And Newsweek’s Ben Adler has a piece on the increasing likelihood that Reid will ultimately hold his seat come November.

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