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OPINION: If it “doesn’t matter” that Lowden’s on the title, why remove her name?



Las Vegas, Nev. – Sue Lowden has stepped in it again. After changing her story on an illegally donated, $100,000 plus luxury campaign bus about a dozen times, Lowden’s campaign told reporters yesterday that the GOP Senate candidate’s name has been removed from the title of the felonious RV.

Of course, anyone who would take Lowden’s word at this point is willing to live dangerously. Check out this new video recap of the story that’s sent Sue Lowden’s campaign circling the drain to find out why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87Ce0RvOy94.

But let’s assume for a second that Lowden’s campaign really did have her name removed from the title. If it “didn’t matter” that her name was on the title – as campaign manager Robert Uithoven said earlier this week – why bother?

If the Federal Election Commission doesn’t care and the DMV doesn’t care and voters don’t care, why bother?

Could it be because all of the stories and attempts to spin this debacle – which has sent the Lowden campaign into a tailspin from which it can’t seem to recover – are just plain baloney? That, in fact, it DOES matter to the FEC and the DMV and even to voters – especially GOP primary voters, who will begin casting ballots Saturday – that according to the law she owns the bus, no matter what she might say? That no matter what Sue Lowden says, she accepted a massive illegal campaign donation – equivalent to someone walking into her office with a suitcase full of cash – that could land her behind bars for up to five years and cost her more than a $1 million in fines?

Makes you wonder if accepting that illegal bus was worth it.

Because it doesn’t matter whether Lowden removes her name from the title now. She already committed a felony, and that bell can’t be un-rung.

“Since Sue Lowden got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, she’s come up with a dozen stories and bogus explanations for how she got here,” said Phoebe Sweet, communications director with the Nevada State Democratic Party. “But usually when someone can’t get her story straight it’s because there are just too many lies to keep track of. That’s the case with Lowden, whose campaign has quickly spiraled out of her control as we get closer to the primary.

“Or maybe it’s the thought of how she might look in an orange prison jumpsuit that’s making her too nervous to keep her head in the game.”

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