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Opinion: Another bad week in Lowden Land



By Phoebe Sweet

nevdemparty-300x61-9390647-8799238LAS VEGAS–It’s only Wednesday, and GOP Senate hopeful Sue Lowden is already having one heck of a bad week.

This morning political columnist Jon Ralston described the “scent of fear in the air for Republicans,” and in particular the flailing Lowden campaign. So why the panic and paranoia?

Lowden has been “crushed in straw poll after straw poll.” Recent straw polls conducted by the Douglas County GOP and the Action is Brewing Tea Party group “show Lowden… as (an) also-ran.” And while the sample sizes are admittedly small, it’s that same small sample that gets out to vote in Republican primaries.

Ralston also ripped apart Lowden’s new ad, a month-late attempt to defend herself against her indefensible Chickens for Checkups proposal that Nevadans should barter livestock with their doctors for health care. “The commercial should have a laugh track,” Ralston writes, calling its claims “malarkey” and giving the ad a D for accuracy.

“Taken out of context?” Ralston asks, incredulous. “After being given numerous chances to back off from the initial remarks, Lowden has refused to, in her own words, back down from that system.… The problem isn’t context, it’s… a failure to communicate. Lies and dirty tricks? Not this time.”

All this comes on the heels of brand new poll results that show Lowden losing to Sen. Harry Reid by seven points. The same poll shows GOP primary opponent Danny Tarkanian, who has painted Lowden as the establishment candidate, putting up a more serious fight against the senator, again raising the question of whether Lowden can compete in a general election.

That same day Lowden no-showed a GOP forum in Elko, believing it better to stay hidden than to face voters on a day when her campaign was once again proving it isn’t ready for prime time.

“Every time you think things couldn’t spiral any further out of control for Sue Lowden’s flailing campaign, the Chicken Lady lays another egg,” said Phoebe Sweet, communications director for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Lowden’s brutal, self-inflicted wound caused by her ridiculous suggestion that Nevadans should trade chickens for checkups is all her own doing. And while Lowden may think nothing of lying outright to voters and trying to blame her opponents–as she does in her latest ad–the data shows that Nevadans simply aren’t buying it.”

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