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Keystone Corp. releases primary endorsements



Dear Job Creators,

Keystone Corp. has recently released its endorsements for the Nevada State Assembly and Senate races. It is essential that those of us who care about job creation and returning Nevada to the economic engine it should be support these endorsed candidates. While Keystone understands that we cannot always agree with candidates on everything, Keystone’s endorsed candidates do agree on the following:

No corporate income tax

As we all know, the Democratic leadership is going to push hard for a corporate income tax this session. Every single candidate endorsed by Keystone has said publicly that they will NOT vote for a corporate income tax!

Public sector employees must share the burden
The job creators in the private sector have been losing jobs and taking pay cuts for over two and a half years! The majority of PUBLIC SECTOR UNION EMPLOYEES HAVE CONTINUED TO RECEIVE PAY INCREASES during this time. Keystone’s endorsed candidates have agreed that we need to fight for the private sector taxpayers and job creators by lowering compensation packages for public employees to reasonable levels.

PEBS and PERS reform
Keystone’s endorsed candidates all understand that overly generous retirement benefits for public sector union employees are going to bankrupt our state. They have all agreed that it is time for real reform of this system and bring them in line with the private sector. Tax-paying job creators are working longer and for less to make sure that public employees can retire earlier and with far more benefits. Keystone’s endorsed candidates believe that this is unacceptable.

Education reform

If Nevada is going to recover for the long term, we must reform our education system. The candidates endorsed by Keystone understand the value of choice in education and are committed to fighting for it. They understand that the system today is not working and will fight to make the hard choices necessary to help Nevada’s children succeed.

Keystone and its endorsed candidates believe it is time for smaller, more efficient government. We strongly encourage our members and fellow job creators to cast their vote on June 8 in favor of these candidates and AGAINST BIG GOVERNMENT.

Keystone’s mission
To recruit, support and advocate for candidates for public office who support private sector job creation, low taxation, a responsible regulatory environment, and effective delivery of essential state services.

Keystone’s goals
* To focus on candidate support on state legislative races and the governor’s office.
* To oppose any form of corporate income taxes or other business taxes that discourage capital investment and therefore job creation.

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