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Keystone Corp. endorses Nevada candidates



Dear Friends of Nevada Businesses,

Private sector employees have had their salaries cut and benefits cut, and now about 195,000 Nevadans are out of work. At the same time public sector union leaders refuse to support cuts in salaries and retirement benefits of their members. They want the government to lay off public employees. The result will be a very noticeable decrease in all government services–including essential services–and they want to raise taxes on Nevada businesses and individuals.

If you want to:

1. Stop higher taxes and
2. Reduce the salaries and benefits of Nevada’s public employees

Support the following state senate and assembly candidates who have been endorsed by Keystone Corporation:

State Senate
Capital District
James Settelmeyer

Washoe County
District 4
Ty Cobb

State Assembly
District 2
John Hambrick

District 4
Richard McArthur

District 5
Tibi Ellis

District 10
Tyler Andrews

District 13
Josh Gust

District 20
Crescent Hardy

District 21
Mark Sherwood

District 22
Lynn D. Stewart

District 23
Melissa Woodbury

District 29
Dan Hill

District 31
Randi Thompson

District 32
Jodi Stephens

District 35
Pete Goicoechea

District 36
Ed Goedhart

District 38
Tom Grady

District 39
Kelly Kite

District 40
Pete Livermore

Keystone’s Mission: To recruit, support and advocate for candidates for public office who support private sector job creation, low taxation, a responsible regulatory environment and effective delivery of essential state services.

Keystone’s Goals:
* To focus on candidate support on state legislative races and the governor’s office.
* To oppose any form of corporate income taxes or other business taxes that discourage capital investment and therefore job creation.

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