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Angle continues raking in endorsements, straw poll wins



angle1-5225249-6057277Sharron Angle, a conservative Republican running to replace Harry Reid, has continued running full steam the past few days, adding two more straw poll wins and additional endorsements.

Angle, the winner of the GOP U.S. Senate debate moderated by KDWN’s Heidi Harris in Las Vegas, was notified on Sunday that she also blew out her competition during the Reno GOP U.S. Senate debate moderated by Sam Shad of Nevada Newsmakers. Angle won with 33.3 percent of the 120 votes tallied. Danny Tarkanian was a remote second at 16.6 percent. Bill Parsons, John Chachas, Chad Christiansen and Sue Lowden split the remaining votes, with Lowden placing last at 6.6 percent.

The next day, Angle was declared the winner again, this time capturing more than a third of the votes casted at the Douglas County Candidate’s Forum held last week. Angle grabbed 36.4 percent of the 129 votes cast. Tarkanian placed a distant second with 26.4 percent, and candidates Lowden, Parsons and Christiansen shared the remaining votes. Chachas did not appear this time.

In other news, Angle continued collecting endorsements, including this one from Western Representation PAC: “I have been involved in political campaigns for many years and I have never met a politician with more integrity and desire to represent her constituents than Sharron Angle,” said Roger Stockton, Western Representation PAC Treasurer.

“Over the last several months we have watched and interviewed every major candidate running to defeat Harry Reid in November’s Nevada Senate election,” their website explained. “We have looked hard at each candidate’s current platform as well as their past record…our search keeps leading us to the same name as the best candidate to represent the people of Nevada: Sharron Angle.” They also stated that Angle “served four terms in the Nevada Legislature where she led the fight to keep taxes low and limit the expansion of government programs,” and pointed out that if the other “State representatives would have led with the same responsible ethics, Nevada would not be faced with a $3.5 billion dollar budget deficit next year.”

Western Representation PAC joins a long list of more than 25 state and national conservative leaders and organizations backing Angle including Citizens United, Tea Party Express, Gun Owners of America, Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin, Chris Simcox and the Minuteman PAC, Phyllis Schlafly, Pat Boone, Joe the Plumber and many others.

“Mrs. Angle has accumulated more endorsements and more straw poll wins than any other candidate in this race,” noted Angle spokesperson Jerry Stacy. “The interest in this race has evolved into something much more then Harry Reid’s departure–this race is now about who we can trust to go to Capitol Hill and best represent the interests of Nevadans for the next six years. Voters are doing the math, and Mrs. Angle comes out on top each and every time.”

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