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Rory Reid statement on Arizona immigration law

By ThisIsReno


LAS VEGAS–Rory Reid, Democratic candidate for governor, issued the following statement regarding passage of the new immigration law in Arizona:

“Instead of a common sense approach, what has occurred in Arizona is a wrong-headed approach to a serious issue–and that’s why Arizona law enforcement leaders, civil rights advocates, religious leaders and business groups oppose the bill,” said Reid. “It’s also evidence of what can happen in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.”

“On its face, this ill-conceived law opens the door to racial profiling and the violation of the fundamental civil rights of all Americans,” he continued. “You can’t determine whether someone is undocumented simply by the way they look, dress or speak.

“This law will also breach the important trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect, and divert resources away from critical incidents, where police are most needed.

“Nevadans can count on me to be a consistent advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and common sense solutions to this complicated issue.”

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