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Opinion w/video: Nevada RNC rep says DC’s been asking ‘what the heck is going on out there?’



ffhrlogo-300x55-9690864-6814803LAS VEGAS–Last night on Jon Ralston’s Face to Face, former Republican governor Bob List made a candid admission about the brouhaha surrounding embattled U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden, following comments at a Mesquite town hall and a subsequent television interview where she suggested people should barter with doctors for health care–offering “a chicken” or services like painting in exchange for medical treatment.

In response to a question by Ralston citing a story in The Hill that detailed the damage Lowden has done to her candidacy with her bizarre proposal and inept handling of the fallout, List acknowledged that he had been fielding calls from Republicans in Washington, D.C. questioning Lowden’s campaign and “what the heck is going on” regarding her “Chicken for Checkups” bartering scheme.

Prominent conservative commentator Elizabeth Crum also chimed in analyzing the exchange on Face to Face, saying:

    My three cents: It’s not gonna blow over. They are going to pound on this and ridicule Lowden from now ’til kingdom come. And it’s too late for her to “walk it back” (which, as Brandon Hall helpfully pointed out, she had numerous chances to do) so she just has to sit there and take it like a man.

List’s candor about Republicans turning on Lowden came on the same day that GOP primary opponent Danny Tarkanian lit into her over the matter, sending a press release urging recipients to “watch this video and ask yourself if Sue Lowden is prepared to run against Harry Reid.” (The clip is an exceedingly embarrassing local news story where the entire BarterGate ordeal is recapped and Lowden botches her only TV interview thus far since the story spiraled out of control.)

Since the she uttered them, Lowden’s comments have made her the subject of national ridicule and caused numerous commentators, including other prominent Nevada conservatives, to raise serious doubts about her candidacy.

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