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Opinion: Nevada Republicans oppose Wall Street reform, DC Republicans agree to move forward



ffhrlogo-300x55-4927839-9397537LAS VEGAS–This morning, the Las Vegas Sun reported that all four major Republican challengers to U.S. Senator Harry Reid stand opposed to Wall Street reform currently being discussed in Washington. Under the subhead “GOP Senate candidates all oppose Democrats’ reform plan,” the report goes even one step further–with Republicans Sharron Angle, John Chachas, Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian all stating they would have even voted to oppose all future debate on the bill.

And just as these Nevada Republicans have shown their true stripes when it comes to standing with the big banks and Wall Street swindlers that caused a financial crisis costing 8 million Americans their jobs, Republicans in D.C. have indicated they intend to move forward on the bill.

Reid has been fighting tirelessly in Washington, standing up to stiff opposition from Republicans who have relentlessly resisted reform of the current system. After refusing to back down to the GOP leadership as they sought to block even debating the issue, Reid was finally successful today–ironically on the same day his potential opponents all said unequivocally they’d even oppose debate on the matter.

“It’s extremely telling–and actually quite shameful–that leading Republicans in Washington are willing to move forward on a Wall Street reform bill, while candidates Sharron Angle, Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian and John Chachas are so hell-bent on doing the bidding of Wall Street that they refuse to even consider debating the issue,” said Reid campaign communications director Kelly Steele. “While Sen. Reid continues to successfully lead the fight for real Wall Street reform with teeth that would prevent future crises, his GOP opponents have shown the true extent to which they stand for the interests of the big banks and Wall Street special interests that have driven our economy into the ground.”

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