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Opinion: Harry Reid campaign launches Chickens for Checkups Facebook game

By ThisIsReno


LAS VEGAS–Oh no! You have Ebola but only five chickens to barter with! A trip to the doctor costs seven! What will you do? How will you ever earn the chickens you need to pay your medical bills?

This is just one of the scenarios that players of the new Facebook game, Sue Lowden’s Chicken Clinic, will face as they try to earn chickens to pay for their hospital stays.

One day after Sue Lowden quadrupled down on Chickens for Checkups, participants can now live out the online version of her healthcare alternative that’s garnered international ridicule…err…attention.

How can players earn the chickens they need to meet their rising healthcare costs? By doing their part to ensure Sue Lowden never has the opportunity to enact LowdenCare in the first place!

· Earn one chicken by inviting a friend to play Sue Lowden’s Chicken Clinic!

· Earn three chickens by joining Harry Reid’s Facebook page!

· Earn five chickens by signing up at HarryReid.com!

Then, spend your hard-earned chickens to stave off impending diseases or loan them out to keep your friends and family out of the virtual hospital!

“Sue Lowden’s Chicken Clinic is a virtual way to experience a healthcare proposal so absurd it continues to receive national ridicule a full three weeks after it was originally proposed,” said Reid campaign communications director Kelly Steele. “It’s also an easy and fun way for Nevadans to do their part to ensure LowdenCare never becomes a reality.”

Click here to check out Sue Lowden’s Chicken Clinic on Facebook!

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