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Opinion: Danny Tarkanian’s lying about health care…again



ffhrlogo-300x55-4412191-5432073LAS VEGAS–What will it take for Nevada’s GOP U.S. Senate candidates to stop lying about the new health insurance reform law? Despite the countless times health care myths have been debunked, it seems that the Republican candidates just can’t help themselves from being dishonest with Nevada families in an attempt to distort the truth and score cheap political points.

This week, Danny Tarkanian continued his campaign of deception on health care, launching a TV ad based on the ultimate falsehood in the health care debate: the thoroughly debunked “government takeover” lie.

Tarkanian has already stated he wants to repeal the health insurance law in its entirety, which would include the ban on pre-existing conditions for children, the 50 percent discount on brand name prescription drugs for seniors and free preventive services for all new health insurance plans.

Later this week, the Reid campaign will take action to combat the dishonest barrage of myths and lies used by Republican candidates like Danny Tarkanian.

But in the meantime, since Tarkanian seems to have trouble either locating or telling the truth, here are a few facts to help him correct his TV spot:

FACT 1: The health insurance reform law strengthens the private health care system.

FACT 2: The health insurance reform law provides tax credits for 24,000 Nevada small businesses.

FACT 3: The health insurance reform law cuts the deficit by $143 billion in the first decade and by $1.3 trillion in the second decade.

FACT 4: The health insurance reform law will cut premiums up to $2,000 for Nevadans buying their own insurance.

“It’s long past time that Danny Tarkanian stop intentionally misleading Nevada voters with national GOP talking points that have already been debunked as patently untrue,” said Friends for Harry Reid communications director Kelly Steele. “This campaign will continue to set the record straight to ensure Nevadans get the facts about how the new health insurance law helps our state–by reducing taxes, cutting the deficit and lowering premiums for Nevada’s families.”

“On the off chance Tarkanian’s motive isn’t to intentionally distort the truth for his own perceived political benefit, we’ll make one final attempt to provide him the facts in case he wants to apologize for lying again,” added Steele.

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