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Governor sets up “Constitution Defense Fund”


officialgovernorjimgibbons_sm-214x300-3674174-7685175SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE

CARSON CITY — After receiving numerous inquiries from citizens wishing to assist in the Governor’s fight against the Reid/Pelosi/Obama Nationalized Health Care Plan, Governor Jim Gibbons, working with Special Counsel Mark Hutchison, has set up the “Constitution Defense Fund”. Hutchison and several other attorneys are working without compensation to assist Governor Gibbons, but some legal costs shared with other states (approx. $3500, depending on the number of states joining in the lawsuit) will likely arise. Governor Gibbons stated earlier this week that the small costs to fight the health care plan are well worth it because the health care plan will cost Nevada taxpayers billions of dollars over several years.

Governor Gibbons also reiterated his stand that the Reid/Pelosi/Obama Nationalized Health Care Plan is an insult to all Nevada citizens because it tramples the U.S. Constitution by requiring all citizens to purchase health insurance. Governor Gibbons believes certain parts of the Plan have merit and are worth keeping, but overall, the Governor is convinced the Plan is unconstitutional.

Those wishing to help with the Constitution Defense Fund should send donations to:

Constitution Defense Fund
c/o Hutchison and Steffen
Peccole Professional Park
10080 West Alta Drive, Suite 200
Las Vegas, Nevada 89145

Donations will be handled by the Governor’s Special Legal Counsel. A complete and transparent accounting of all funds donated will be provided.

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