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Governor sends letter to President Obama asking for action to protect America’s borders

By ThisIsReno


CARSON CITY, Nev. — Gov. Jim Gibbons today sent a letter to President Barack Obama asking that President Obama and his administration do more to protect the borders of the United States.

“I am respectfully asking the president to take action because the failure of his administration to pay attention to the problems and crimes on our nation’s borders puts all Nevadans and all Americans at risk,” Gov. Gibbons said. “No state should be obligated to enforce federal immigration laws.”  Gov. Gibbons added, “The situation with Arizona’s immigration law would never have occurred if the Obama Administration would have done its duty to protect the borders of the United States.”

“The Obama Administration, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi often talk dotingly of immigration ‘reform,’ but I believe our first priority should be border security, and that is a federal responsibility,” Gov. Gibbons said. “No ‘reform’ is possible until we secure our borders.”

Letter to President Obama



dvanilla June 24, 2014 - 6:01 am

What a real jokester, no one should have never put this governor picture on the front of any article.  These people have been in office way before Obama became president.  Why now act as if they want the borders secure.  This is evidence these guys can careless, just want attention to be elected again.  If they were really concerned about the borders being secure it wouldn’t take 44 years to think about getting it done.  In actuality this  shows how all these men and women in office didn’t do their job before President Obama got in office.  Stop fooling you’re self about these so-call elected officials playing games with the minds of the American people.  That within it-self shouldn’t take this long for anyone to catch on to the monopoly they play, and all of you fall for it every time.  You keep voting these same idiots back in office, over and over again.  If they fool you once shame on them, keep fooling you more than once shame on you.

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