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Gibbons calls for Obama administration to take action on illegal immigration


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CARSON CITY — Governor Jim Gibbons today demanded that President Barack Obama and his Administration take immediate steps to enforce federal immigration laws. “Guarding the borders of our great Nation is a federal responsibility that this Administration is ignoring,” Gibbons said, “Federal inaction is compelling states like Arizona to take state action and forcing state taxpayers to foot the bill.”

Recent statements from President Obama suggest he is trying to make immigration enforcement a political issue. “This President and this Administration, including Congressional Leaders Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are shamelessly pandering for political gain, “Gibbons said, “These people should start acting like leaders and start enforcing federal laws”, Governor Gibbons said, “Instead, they blame others for their own ineffectiveness.”

Governor Gibbons noted the Administration is out of touch with society today. “Clearly the immigration system in this country is broken and is costing taxpayers billions of dollars,” Governor Gibbons said, “The Obama Administration must wake up and fix our immigration problems at the border.”

Gibbons believes the immigration laws in the United States must be modernized to reflect advancements in technology (facial recognition technology, biometric ID cards) and the changed world we live in today. “There are people crossing the border committing violent crimes and others who want to harm America through terrorism,” Gibbons said, “President Obama, Reid and Pelosi are ‘asleep at the switch’ and they must take action now or America families will continue to suffer.”

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