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A message from Governor Jim Gibbons

By ThisIsReno



There is no better place to live in springtime than in our beautiful state of Nevada. Yes, the weather can change in an instant, but when that sun shines, it brightens the dullest days and saddest times.

Not to sound glib in this time when many of our families are hurting deeply. They can’t pay their mortgages and car payments. They can’t go out and buy the things they once could. It’s a time of cutting back and making do. It’s easy at dark times like these to forget about the sunny days of the past. The first instinct some have is to change those in leadership, hoping that the change will magically give them answers.

But it won’t. It never has. We are experiencing that right now more than ever in Washington, D.C. Electing a candidate who promised us “instant change” has only driven us deeper into national debt and driven our country into near socialism.

Is that what we want? Have we not learned from our mistake?

Electing me to another four years in office will allow me that rare chance to continue a path to solid recovery that I set out on nearly four years ago. I am the only real, experienced leader in this race for Governor. I have solid, workable plans for Nevada’s future and I work every single day to get them done. I am asking for your help to see these plans through in order to pull us through these tough economic times.

The sun will “shine” again in Nevada, and I can help make this happen for all of us.

In the past week, I called for the Obama Administration to secure our nation’s borders so we can all live better, safer lives. I continue to work on the fight against national health care without costing Nevadans a single dime. I have a plan to reform education, so we can insure a better education for our children, giving more power to local school districts. I am also continuing to work diligently to bring renewable energy companies to Nevada and transform the state into the renewable energy center of the world, where we can become an energy exporting state. Let’s not forget that I continue to hold the line on taxes while slimming down state government–so while you are pinching pennies, the state is not taking more of your money.

All of these ideas are in the works. All of these ideas can continue to happen if I am re-elected to office and allowed to follow through with these plans.


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