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OPINION: We cannot keep raising taxes



By Orrin Johnson, Assembly District 25 Candidate

Thanks to a team of phenomenal volunteers, a wonderful wife, a very tolerant 4-month-old and many stacks of pancakes to get us fueled up, our campaign knocked on over 1,500 doors this Sunday throughout Assembly District 25!

The common theme we all heard this weekend was concern about Carson City’s unsustainable spending. Nevadans are having a hard enough time making ends meet without taking on the added responsibility of paying for our leaders’ inability to live within their means.

Liberal politicians in Carson City don’t understand what is self-evident to all of us–we can’t keep raising taxes and increasing spending if we ever expect our economy to recover. Our state is facing one of the toughest challenges in its history, and it’s more critical than ever to have energetic and principled conservative leadership in Carson City. We need leaders who understand that more government spending is not the solution to our problems; it is the problem.

I promise Nevada families and businesses that I will not support any tax increases until the Nevada SAGE Commission’s recommendations have been given the hearings they deserve. It’s not fair to ask Nevada families and businesses to pay more when our elected officials are ignoring a carefully crafted bi-partisan report that has identified millions of dollars that could be saved in our government.

For more information, visit the campaign Web site.

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