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New nonprofit to help Nevadans with drug dependencies



The “I Am” Workshop Tour–Pure Compassion has been formed in Carson City to help low income families and individuals with drug dependencies. It is a faith-based registered 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization.

“Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share the downfalls of methamphetamines, cocaine and alcohol use to low income families and individuals,” said Alan CK Sweet, founder and director. “The ‘I Am’ WST will use the awareness campaign to meet qualified individuals who are genuinely interested in breaking their dependencies on drugs and alcohol through the help of the Holy Spirit and the innovative and proven PROMETA treatment program.”

According to Sweet, the PROMETA treatment protocol has a 60-87 percent success rate in helping individuals and families beat addictions to meth, cocaine and alcohol.

The organization is hiring the first person into its low income job creation program, and it has grant writers working to raise tax deductible donations, conduct fund-raisers and write private grants to foundations across the country. “We plan to cover all we can in Northern Nevada first and then move south,” Sweet said.

“Most recovery/detox centers are running at between 12-15 percent success rate with their counseling centers compared to our 6-87 percent success rate,” he said. This treatment program has helped thousands nationwide, just not here yet. We plan on helping to change all that. As you already know, Nevada suffers the worst from these addictions.”

Sweet says the organization has 48 on a waiting list and it desperately needs donations as it waits for grants to be awarded. He says 68 percent of all ASP CDs, books, fund-raisers, donations and grants go toward direct treatment costs to help the low income without insurance and 32 percent goes toward the office and administration.

Jazz for Peace has committed to holding a benefit concert series for The “I Am” Workshop Tour in Reno the first week in May.

For more information about the “I Am” Workshop Tour–Pure Compassion, contact Sweet at 775-443-8197.

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