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Governor: “Health plan is unconstitutional”


officialgovernorjimgibbons_sm-214x300-9991874-8252073CARSON CITY — Governor Jim Gibbons today promised a lawsuit against the federal government after President Obama signs the Reid/Pelosi Health Care bill. “This bill is an effort by Democrats to ram government run health care down our throats,” Governor Gibbons said, “Regardless of the Attorney General’s political affiliation, I am confident she will join me in opposing this illegal federal intrusion into our lives and our state’s rights and sue the federal government.”

“What if the federal government forced you to buy a car or a television set then threatened you with IRS fines if you didn’t obey?”, Governor Gibbons asked, “That’s what they are doing with this health care debacle, the federal government has no right to force anyone to buy health insurance and the federal government has no business butting in to the relationship between a patient and their doctor.” Gibbons added, “And don’t forget that this is the same Reid/Pelosi Health Care bill that was hammered out in the back rooms of the Senate where Senator Reid sold Nevada out and made other shady deals to buy enough votes to pass the bill.”

One of Reid’s sweetheart deals was to pay all of Nebraska’s future increased Medicaid costs – forever – in order procure the vote of a Nebraska Senator. Governor Gibbons questioned the constitutionality of forcing taxpayers in Las Vegas, Elko and Reno to pay higher federal taxes to pay for increased Medicare costs for the people of Omaha, Lincoln and North Platte, Nebraska.

“I still feel the best way to get people affordable healthcare is to get them a good job,” Governor Gibbons said, “Congress should stop wasting time and energy on socializing national healthcare and start working to get the economy back on track instead.”

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