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Gibbons campaign: Let’s build one Nevada together



“This building is full of difficult decisions and Gov. Gibbons’ participation has been instrumental in making these decisions reach the critical point of action” – Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki


It’s hard to look around Nevada and not see the toll taken by the current economic crisis. With record unemployment, record home foreclosure rates and dramatically decreasing state revenues, last week I was forced to call the Nevada Legislature into a special session to deal with the nearly $900 million deficit facing the state. Many called it impossible. I was told countless times that the only way to fill this budget gap is to “expand the tax base.” Many were calling for increased taxes on business, insisting that they share the burden of the budget shortfall. But while everyone is suffering during these tough economic times, we can’t tax ourselves out of a situation of our own making.

The answer to these problems is the same one you and I make a daily basis. When our paycheck decreases, we have to decrease spending, so I submitted a budget for the Special Session which would reduce spending.

As the session opened, I submitted a budget that cut state spending by $850 million. After a week of negotiations and many late nights, we were able to reach and agreement which focused on spending cuts instead of more taxes. Instead of placing the burden of balancing our budget on taxpayers, fiscal responsibility has temporarily returned to state government.

The sad truth is this isn’t the end of Nevada’s budget struggles. A recession brought on by Washington politicians is a reality Nevadans have to live with. The next session of the Nevada Legslature will bring even greater challenges with an even greater budget shortfall being forecast already. I will continue to fight for fiscal responsibility and against the proposed tax increases which are still being proposed in Carson City.

I’m committed to continuing to building One Nevada and pushing back against those who expand the reach of government through taxes and government spending. There are many people claiming that they will unite our state and solve our economic recession, but none of them have taken the kind of bold action my administration has to ensure that this recession doesn’t get worse,and those on the other side of the aisle are already gearing up their efforts to promote new business taxes and more government spending on their pet projects.

I vetoed the 2009 tax increases. I called the 2010 special session and was able to get the spending cuts we needed to balance the budget. I have taken an 8% cut in my own pay and asked my staff to do the same. I understand the burdens this recession has placed on Nevada families, and I’m committed to fighting for Nevadans for another 4 years, but I need your help.

Nevadans need to know what is at risk in this election. Please join me in reaching out to voters and sharing with them importance having a strong leader in the governor’s mansion who understands the challenges we are all facing.

As Battle Born Nevadans, we need to stand together and oppose continuing efforts to increase taxes and spending. At this critical time, I need the help of every one of you who believes in our pledge to hold government back to join us in this re-election campaign. Please visit my website and volunteer to tell your community that you want strong leadership in Carson City.


Jim Gibbons

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