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Angle weighs in on current economic climate



Sharron Angle (R-Nev.), a conservative former state legislator running to replace Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.), weighed in today on the cause and effect of the administration’s current economic policies.

“We are well past the stage where we were promised job creation in the tens of thousands as predicted by this current administration,” stated Angle. “The job market continues to drown, and it’s because Senator Reid and President Obama both identify with one thing and that is bigger government. They have no clue how private businesses are managed from within, especially small and medium-sized businesses.”

Angle went on to give several reasons for the stunt in true recovery growth:

“Obviously, deficit spending is a huge factor, and our level of debt as opposed to the gross domestic product level is a concern that remains. Current GDP levels are at this low point that would warn us that job growth will be painfully slow, and although our country has been at those lows before those recoveries were more assured to us during those times because we benefited from an absence of global competition that we are now noticing with the emergence of other developing nations. The world today contains a larger number of first-world countries than in times past.”

“Joined with that scenario is the fact that while this current administration loves to bemoan the loss of jobs that are being exported out of our country, this administration blindly ignores the reality that the government itself is to blame for pushing out huge job-creating industries from our own soil – namely, the mineral and oil industry. An unfriendly government coupled with overbearing regulations work to create an exodus of jobs along with an internal creation of hunger for the very resources that are needed to keep our own economy thriving.”

“On that note, it only gets worse while this administration obsesses with an agenda that includes more government programs to regulate financial sectors, healthcare industries, trade guidelines, energy policies, all coupled with an adoration for increased unionization and a zeal for growing bigger teeth for governing bodies such as the IRS, OSHA, and the EPA. In light of their own agenda, Obama and Reid then scratch their heads and naively wonder why they are viewed as anti-business. Meanwhile, the private sector which is responsible for creating real job growth will sit back and scratch their heads in wonderment of this current administration and ask of themselves ‘why would any entrepreneur or business owner dare risk trying to expand in this current environment?’”

Angle summarized by saying that Obama and Reid’s optimism rest in a creation of bigger government, which by doing so has expanded an enormous level of uncertainty among those in the private sector who would prefer to create, produce, and grow jobs. “Like inexperienced meteorologists who wrongfully predict sunny days in the observable face of a continuing storm, Reid and Obama fail to see the cause and effect of the government cloud seeders who diminish productive growth, and the forthcoming flood of overbearing government will persist to keep this economy underwater. Harry Reid and Barack Obama are continuing to waterboard our economy.”

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