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Angle says congressional members hoodwinked by executive order



angle1-2087116-4561741Sharron Angle (R-NV), a conservative former state legislator running to replace Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), said Monday that the passage of “Reid’s governmental take-over of the healthcare industry” was a travesty and a ruse, and a slap in the face to Nevadans who have lost or face losing jobs and homes. “Reid is too busy being the Obama-Whisperer to care about the real needs of Nevada,” she said.

Angle said Reid’s bill was a travesty because this legislation does not embody the change and hope that Nevadans expected. “As unknown elements of this bill continue to materialize, Reid will be reminded by Nevadans right up until election day why his tactics used to pass this bill were so detested. The voters are not going to be happy to continue learning that Reid’s bill is loaded with job-extinguishing taxes and unwarranted mandates, features that will harm employees, employers, small businesses, and the health care system as we know it today. Senator Reid can hope that the voters remain in the dark concerning his government-run health care plan, but there are too many glaring details to gloss over with slick TV ads before the November election.”

Angle also said Reid’s bill was a ruse and was far from being assuaged by any executive order by the president.

“To begin, Obama’s promise of an executive order concerning abortion funding proves that Reid’s health care bill really was about abortion, although Reid had denied this for months,” stated Angle. “Second, any executive order signed by this President today is as good as a short pencil with a long eraser; executive orders can be retracted anytime the president desires, and we know that Obama desires to promote world-wide abortion as seen by his earlier action to revoke a previous executive order originally signed by Ronald Reagan that disallowed use of American tax dollars to fund abortions in foreign countries, an override action Obama took just three days after accepting oval office. Third, a statute cannot be undone by an executive order, and even the Supreme Court has already ruled on such matters concerning overrides by executive order. Reid and Obama know this, but they hope the voters are too “stupak,” I mean, too stupid to realize the irrefutable impact on them concerning passage of this legislation until it’s too late.”

Angle signed the Club For Growth pledge earlier in the year promising to sponsor and support legislation to repeal what she calls “Reid’s government takeover of the health care industry” and replace it with reforms that lower health care costs without growing government.

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