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Opinion: Angle responds to Reid



angle1-2460861-3995477Sen. Harry Reid’s office released a statement personally attacking Sharron Angle and other Republicans, saying that Angle and others were “hoping for the worst” concerning the economy.

Angle, a conservative former state legislator running to unseat Senator Harry Reid, responded by saying that Harry Reid has been holed up at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. for so long he became oblivious. “The country already is in worst shape Mr. Majority Leader, and Nevada suffered the brunt of your broken economy. Nearly 3 million jobs vanished in our country since your $787 billion boondoggle became law,” Angle replied.

Angle, well known in the Nevada Legislature as a strong advocate for lower taxes, was amused by Reid’s sudden attempt to appear conservative by hyping tax-break incentives in his new jobs bill, but said that Reid’s current efforts to create jobs are way too late and still too little. “His bill also lacks provisions to ensure that only those citizens legally here in the country are hired,” pressed Angle. “Nowhere in his bill does it insist that an employee be a legal citizen, or require that the employer use E-Verify to establish the employee’s work authorization in order to qualify.”

The statement from Reid’s office also asked if Angle and other Republicans would “set politics aside to create jobs or choose more campaign rhetoric?”

“Harry Reid is the one being rhetorical, and the only job he’s worrying about creating is his own,” Angle spokesperson Jerry Stacy said. “Harry Reid wants Nevadans to believe that he and President Obama traveled to Nevada this week to appear on stage to discuss the economy rather than frantically raising needed campaign money to save his own job. It’s disingenuous to say that least.”

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