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Nevada News Bureau releases Tarkanian letter proposing debates



The Nevada News Bureau have obtained from campaign sources a letter containing a debate proposal that U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian is sending out to all Republican party county officials tomorrow. The letter suggests that a debate be held by each County Party so the views of the candidates can be heard and as part of a fundraising and voter registration effort. Here’s the full text:

Dear GOP County Party Officials,

I’ve just finished driving more than 1250 miles across Nevada with Amy and our children meeting with voters and discussing the important issues facing our state and country. From bailouts and taxes to earmarks and tort reform, I heard over and over again that Nevadans have had enough of Harry Reid and the political establishment in Washington.

I am writing to each Republican Party County organization to make a debate proposal:

I am formally proposing a U.S. Senate candidates debate be held by each Republican Party County organization across the state, to hear from the candidates and additionally help local parties raise funds for their respective voter registration drives.

Here’s why I think this debate proposal is so important:

· It is clear that Republican voters want a substantive discussion in this primary and as the true party of ideas, Republicans never run away from the necessary debate on issues. There are some very fundamental differences between the candidates, and Republican voters have a right to hear and understand those differences and make a decision for themselves.

· We all know that voter registration in Nevada by the Republican Party has declined sharply in recent years. Let’s turn that around by having candidate debates that energize the party and get our voters talking about issues again.

In this election, it’s not enough to have an “R” after your name. Republicans must stand for something or we’re never going to change the culture in Washington. Voters have a right to understand what each of the candidates stand for and intend to do if elected to the United States Senate.

So let’s debate those differences–Let’s respect the voters and let’s help county parties revive their voter registration efforts.

Yours Truly,
Danny Tarkanian

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