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Governor saves education from massive cuts


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Governor changes proposed reductions to dramatically ease burden on K-12 education

CARSON CITY — Governor Jim Gibbons today unveiled new budget reduction estimates that will give more money to K-12 education.  In what should have been a 22% cut to education, Governor Gibbons had originally proposed reducing K-12 funding 10% during the present fiscal year and 13% next fiscal year.  With ongoing analysis of certain funds, the proposed reduction to K-12 during the next fiscal year is now 10%, which means taxpayers in the State of Nevada will pay about $2.6-billion dollars for K-12 education.  This reduction is only for the K-12 funds provided by the state.  K-12 education also gets significant funding from the federal government and other sources.  When all sources of funding are added together, K-12 education in Nevada will face a reduction of only 2.4%, despite the 22% drop in state revenue.

“My plan protects education in Nevada, education is the intellectual infrastructure for our future,” Governor Gibbons said, “I am doing everything in my power to protect education funding during a time of unprecedented revenue shortfalls.”

Gibbons again noted that hundreds of thousands of families across Nevada are now forced to make difficult budget decisions of their own and the State of Nevada is no different.  “People at home are reducing their spending, people in the legislature and throughout state government must do the same,” Gibbons said, “Large and small businesses are laying off workers, families are being thrown out of their foreclosed homes, now is the time for Nevadans to work together to get through this crisis.”

“During the last year, over my objections, sales taxes, payroll taxes and DMV fees were raised.  Those tax and fee hikes have torpedoed my efforts to get Nevada’s economy back on track,” Governor Gibbons said, “I know these budget reductions are difficult, but it is time for difficult decisions to be made.  And we MUST make decisions that do not include new taxes or increases to fees which will further crush families and businesses in Nevada that are struggling to hang on.”  Governor Gibbons proclamation issued last week, stated very specifically what the legislature can consider during the special session.

“Nevada has a bright future, we just need to weather this economic storm and we will emerge with a government that is leaner, more efficient and more effective,” Gibbons said.

Budget Reduction Estimates (pdf)

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