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Quick trip to Sacramento by bus: Back to Reno the next day by train


I thought about titling this post Sacramento Through the Back Door, a take off on Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door. My back pack was packed and it was on my back as I got on the bus at the Reno Amtrak station.

My oldest daughter lives in Oakland. We recently decided to meet half way between Reno and Oakland for a chance to catch up. I took an Amtrak bus to Sacramento and the Amtrak California Zepher train home. This proved to be a smart move because by the time I headed home a big snow storm had hit us and chains were require on interstate 80 over Donner Pass. The train however was only a few minutes late. It was warm, very comfortable, and very scenic. The only delay was when they positioned a train snowplow in front of us so that the train could follow it over Donner pass.

We had a great time in Sacramneto. We visited two great book stores, Beers Books and The Avid Reader.

Our dinner out was the Sunday night before Martin Luther King Day. It turns out that most restaurants in Sacramento downtown are closed on Sunday night. The restaurant where I finally got reservations was fantastic. Aioli Bodega Espanol is a Spanish tapas restaurant. The ambiance was relaxing. We had a bottle of wine and several different types of tapas and talked non stop solving the problems of the world. Then we went across the street to Crepeville and had crepes for desert.

Aioli Bodega Espanol

Breakfast Saturday morning was at the Tower Cafe. The rain was pouring down but they had a heated tent outside where we waited for a table to open up. The breakfast was worth the wait.

My daughter dropped me off at the train station at 11:30 and I was back in Reno about 5pm. We have planed to do a Sacramento weekend again in a couple of months. It was so much fun.