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Governor: Special session likely


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Governor repeats need to lower government spending

CARSON CITY — Governor Jim Gibbons today repeated a message he has shared since his election, “Nevada government must reduce its spending. Just like everyone at home, the State of Nevada must live within its means,” Gibbons said, “The Democrat-controlled Legislature raised taxes and increased spending, while I stood by my promise to the voters by vetoing their higher taxes and spending. But they wouldn’t listen and now we have to endure the consequences of their actions.”

During the last legislative session, in the face of a nationwide recession, state legislators raised government spending by nearly $1-billion dollars. They also raised the payroll and sales taxes, leading to additional layoffs and placing a greater financial burden on Nevada families. Today the recession continues and Nevada’s unemployment rate ranks second in the nation.

Governor Gibbons has been reluctant to call legislators into a special session. “I believe the Democrat-controlled legislature is partly responsible for many of the economic problems our state is facing, but unfortunately, the only way to correct some of their mistakes is to call them together in a special session,” Governor Gibbons said, “All of our economic indicators are pointing toward the need for a special session of the Nevada Legislature.”

Governor Gibbons also noted, “I hope Democrat legislators are prepared to work with me to solve the economic problems facing our state because I firmly believe citizens are sick and tired of legislators and other politicians ignoring their needs. Raising taxes will only put more people out of work. The cost of government services must be reduced to decrease government spending to sustainable levels. Democrat legislators must provide more than lip service to solve our state’s fiscal problems.”

The Nevada Economic Forum will meet tomorrow (Friday) to determine a revised economic forecast of Nevada’s revenue sources. The Economic Forum’s conclusions will play a critical role in determining the need for a special legislative session and what the content of that session will include.

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