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Governor requests input from state employees


officialgovernorjimgibbons_sm-214x300-6360743-3273689Governor Gibbons sent a letter to state employees requesting input about ongoing budget reductions. The complex text is below.

December 15, 2009

Dear fellow employee of the Great State of Nevada:

Thank you for your continuing efforts on behalf of all Nevadans. Even as you deal with reduced staffing and tight budgets, your upbeat attitude and outstanding work ethic are demonstrated by ongoing productivity and service to your fellow citizens. Please know that your efforts are not going unnoticed, and that your work is appreciated.

As you know, state revenues continue to come in at a rate lower than needed to fund legislatively approved spending. The Nevada Constitution requires that state government must have a balanced budget. We are faced with making some tough decisions very soon. As my co-workers and the people on the “front line” for maintaining essential services, I value your opinions regarding how the state should handle our financial situation. I welcome your input on any topic, but specifically would like to know your opinions on the following:

  • Are there any budgets that should NOT be considered for reduction? Why?
  • If we must reduce personnel costs, how should that be done? A percentage pay decrease? Layoffs? More furlough days?
  • Utah has tried a 4/10 work week with good results. Should we consider the same?
  • Are there any state services that should be discontinued or privatized? Why?
  • Is there something we should spend more money on because it would make or save money?
  • What is the biggest waste of money that you see too often?
  • Would you support eliminating full day kindergarten or increasing class sizes to save money?
  • An employed person generates more total state revenue than does the payroll tax collected on each employee. Should we eliminate payroll taxes on new hires to stimulate employment?
  • I have pledged to not raise taxes. Should Nevada impose a fee on raw municipal waste to promote recycling, create green jobs and renewable energy, and make Nevada less attractive to those states proposing to send us their waste?

Again, I welcome any comments or suggestions you think could be helpful. Please respond to this e-mail, or feel free to send an e-mail from another address to: [email protected]. Your input would be most helpful if received by January 4, 2009.

Thank you for serving the citizens of Nevada. I am proud to work with you each day.

Happy Holidays!

Jim Gibbons

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