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Maps and forest tours completed at Reid’s request



harryreid1-150x150-4368756-9277549Washington, D.C.—The Forest Service recently unveiled maps showing information collected on national forest road tours that were completed during the summer months. These tours took place at Sen. Harry Reid’s request.

In a letter sent in March, Reid asked the Forest Service to delay the travel planning process on the Ruby Mountains, Jarbidge and Mountain City ranger districts until ground tours could be conducted and better maps became available. At his request the Forest Service conducted public field tours throughout the summer. The Forest Service has recently made the information collected on these tours available to the broader public.

“The people of Elko County are passionate about public lands. Earlier this year a number of Elkoans reached out to me and asked that I take a close look at what the Forest Service was doing,” said Reid. “In my letter to the regional forester, I asked that the Forest Service slow things down, provide better maps and conduct weekend tours so that interested parties could get together with Forest Service staff to look at local roads and trails. I appreciate that the Forest Service heeded my call and is bringing the information gathered on these tours to the broader public.”

See Reid’s letter below:

Harv Forsgren
Regional Forester
U.S. Forest Service, Region 4
324 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401

March 27, 2009

Dear Mr. Forsgren:

I am writing today to express my concerns about the way that the travel management planning process is being conducted by the Forest Service in Elko County. The goals of this program–-to have a well-mapped and maintained road system and to protect important wildlife habitat-–are appreciated by most Nevadans. However, I am concerned that the current process is moving too quickly and that the materials made available for review-–notably the road and trail maps–-are insufficient.

I strongly encourage you to delay the travel planning process on the Ruby Mountains, Jarbidge and Mountain City ranger districts until this summer or later. Better maps are needed to understand the full scope of the road plans being discussed, and the public will need ample time to review these new materials and to compare them with their own knowledge of Elko County’s back country. Additionally, it would be of great benefit to have a series of scheduled tours during the summer months to areas that have drawn the most interest from the public. As you know, getting people on the ground to see and discuss these sites is often the most effective way to make good, long-lasting land use decisions. I hope you will hold these tours on weekends so that a maximum number of interested parties can take part in the process.

Thank you for your work on behalf of the people of Nevada, and our country. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to increase your outreach to and coordination with the people of Northeastern Nevada so that the final product of your travel management plan is something that we can all support and appreciate.


Harry Reid
U.S. Senator for Nevada

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