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Holland Project 300 Campaign receives $15,000 matching grant



hollandlogo-8305604-1818023The Holland Project, one of Reno’s leading arts and culture programming organizations, has reached its fundraising goal of $30,000.

On Aug. 5, Reno’s all-ages arts and music initiative launched a public fundraising endeavor. The goal of The Holland 300 Campaign was to raise funds to curb the economic downturn, and major funding loss to Nevada arts and youth-oriented programming. The premise was simple: to get 300 people to donate $100 and raise a total of $30,000. We are extremely proud to announce that our community has rallied and Holland 300 Campaign has met its goal.

In just over two months, the Holland 300 Campaign has had many inspiring moments, including the generous donation of $3,000 from longtime community supporters Edna and Bruno Benna; $1,000 donations from HeideMarie Rochlin and SilverSky Group; anonymous donation of $20 each from “five Reno teens;” and the donations from Reno bands “My Flag is on Fire,” “Praying for Greater Portland” and “Apprentice and the Total Professionals.”

Local businesses such as Cepage, Lincoln Lounge, Imperial Bar and Lounge, Crush Hair Studio, Neverender, Black Hole Body Piercing, Sticker Guy, Babboo, The Blue Plate, Bootleg Courier and the Great Basin Food Co-operative also showed their support for Reno’s all-ages movement. The biggest moment in the campaign came last week when Kristin and Klaus Grimm/Draper Family Foundation announced they would match the Holland 300 when 150 members had joined.

With the incredible match of $15,000 from the Grimms, Holland Project was able to achieve its goal of raising $30,000 this week when the campaign reached 150 members.

As funding for arts and youth is hit hard during the economic recession, we are extremely humbled and honored by the love, support, passion, and strength of our community and our friends in cities near and far (donations came from Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York). The Holland Project is immensely grateful for the tremendous support from the Grimms – the Holland 300 simply would not have been a success without their generous match and belief in our organization.

In this economic crisis, Reno has proven to be full of wealth in the areas that matter – community support, fostering opportunities for young people, passion for innovation and creativity, and belief in the arts.

“The Holland 300 list is a brilliant example of power in numbers, and of a community banding together for something it believes in,” says Britt Curtis, Holland Project Director.

“Going through the names on the list is truly uplifting – from young people to grandparents, to former bosses and neighbors, to politicians, musicians, family members, small businesses, community activists, artists, and more – it’s a powerful showing of our community and the range of people who want Reno’s all-ages community to thrive. The Holland Project has never been prouder to be part of such an awesome city.”

The progress of the Holland 300 Campaign, as well as the full Holland 300 list, is on the campaign blog at www.holland300campaign.blogspot.com. For more information visit www.hollandreno.org, or contact Britt Curtis at [email protected].

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