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Fire prevention tips for a safer hunting season and Labor Day weekend


BLM news release:

ELKO — With hunting season under way and the upcoming Labor Day weekend fast approaching, Northeastern Nevada land management and fire agency officials remind outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the backcountry to be cautious while traveling, and to use the following tips to prevent wildfires and the spread of invasive weeds:

  • Bring: a shovel, a full five gallon water container, fire extinguisher and a survival kit that includes first aid supplies

For campfires:

  • Try to use pre-existing fire rings or fire grates wherever possible, instead of creating new fire rings
  • Clear all vegetation away from the area and make sure the campfire is completely out before leaving
  • Pour water on the fire and stir until cool to the touch.
  • Extinguish cigarettes completely
  • Pack out all trash
  • Vehicles: Each year several fires are started by vehicles driving on established two-track roads.

Weeds and vegetation accumulate in the undercarriage and against hot mufflers and catalytic converters. To avoid starting a fire and damaging vehicles, visitors should carry a wire coat hanger or a short piece of stiff wire to clean out their vehicle’s undercarriage before entering or leaving two-track road areas.

Bob Conrad
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