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Opinion: Looking forward to the Great Reno Balloon Race 2009


I think one of the best Reno events has got to be the Great Reno Balloon Race. Think about it for a bit. Waking up and seeing hot air balloons overhead is a pretty enjoyable way to start your day. If you live near Rancho San Rafael Park, you might even find a balloon just a few feet above your front yard (or perhaps landing in it) as you walk out the door to head to wherever you have to be in the morning. Simply put, it’s a really cool thing that we have here.

The organizers did a pretty cool thing in 2008: they went out of their way to invite and accommodate bloggers. It was quite an honor to have been invited. The purpose, of course, was to get all of us to have an experience we’d be excited to go and write about. What they got were photo galleries, videos, and several write-ups detailing the time we all had.

With the race coming up, I wanted to show off some of the work produced by bloggers and the public.

Flickr gallery

Blog posts:


We hope you make the time to get out and enjoy one of Reno’s best events.

Ry Ry
Ry Ry
Ryan works on the campus of the University of Nevada. As a co-founder of this site, he rarely spends much time contributing anymore, but will occasionally appear with a story of personal experience in the Reno area. He loves the town and may never leave.




PHOTOS: Clear skies for Balloon Race preview day

Mostly clear blue skies greeted the first day of the Great Reno Balloon Race on Thursday, set aside as a media preview day.