Opinion: Rory Reid again dominates debate

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM RORY 2010 Last night Brian Sandoval once again proved to Nevadans that he has no plan for the short- or long-term future of the state. He has no plan to balance the state’s budget. He has no plan to create jobs for the nearly 15 percent of Nevadans looking for work. And […]

Opinion: About that budget plan…

SUBMITTED RELEASE The Rory Reid campaign congratulates Brian Sandoval for actually attempting to participate in the race for governor by launching a new TV ad today . . . although he does so with falsehoods and without any substance, once again. Now, about that budget plan… Twelve days from the start of early voting, Sandoval […]

Opinion: Where is Brian Sandoval’s budget plan? (w/video)

SUBMITTED RELEASE Rory Reid has released six innovative plans for the future of Nevada during this campaign cycle. Reid has offered details for creating jobs, reforming ethics laws, reinventing our schools, balancing the state budget, improving higher education and using renewable energy to achieve economic diversity. Brian Sandoval has offered next to nothing. This video […]

Opinion: Rory Reid has a foreclosure problem

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM SANDOVAL CAMPAIGN As Rory Reid continues his attacks on Brian Sandoval, he really should stop to do some fact checking on his own resume. In his latest ad, Reid slams big banks who have “always gotten their way while denying small businesses loans or refusing to modify the mortgage on your home.”  […]

Opinion: New Rory Reid ad explores Sandoval’s cozy banking relationships

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM RORY 2010 A new television ad further reveals Brian Sandoval’s cozy relationship with the banking industry. The 30-second ad, titled “Banks,” is delivered by Rory Reid himself. It begins airing statewide today. In the ad, Reid relays the truth about Sandoval’s long-term relationship with banks and other special interests. Sandoval’s law firm […]

Rory Reid to discuss green jobs plan in Reno this morning

SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE This morning Rory Reid released his plan to create green jobs and make Nevada energy independent. He will be discussing the plan today at 11 a.m. in the Clean Energy Center, 4865 Joule Street, #C4, Reno. Reid’s goal as governor will be to make Nevada the leader in clean energy production to […]

Opinion: Even Rory Reid’s law partner says ‘the bill did not do what [Rory] says it did in ads’

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM SANDOVAL CAMPAIGN Rory Reid’s shoot first, ask questions later strategy has failed him. Again. Today, his own law partner shot back. Reid’s latest ad continues his false and fabricated attack on Brian Sandoval over a 1997 banking bill sponsored by then-Assemblyman Sandoval, passed unanimously and signed into law by Bob Miller. Today, Reid’s current […]

Opinion: Rory Reid bites the hand that feeds Brian Sandoval

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM RORY 2010 Brian Sandoval’s campaign responded to Rory Reid’s new campaign ad last week by reiterating Reid’s point. In a pathetic political response, Sandoval’s campaign made the argument that it’s totally fine Sandoval was the sole sponsor of a 1997 banking deregulation bill because banking lobbyists wrote it. Yes, that argument was […]

Rory Reid to release higher education plan at University of Nevada

SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE Rory Reid will release his plan for improving our colleges and making higher education an economic engine during an event with students at the University of Nevada on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. “It’s time we made our universities and colleges among the best places in the nation to study and learn, to […]

Opinion: Brian Sandoval trying to convince Hispanics he cares

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM RORY 2010 Brian Sandoval’s campaign plans to air a new ad for Spanish-language television are designed to mask the fact that he does not support Hispanics’ interests and has done nothing to reach out to the community during his campaign. Sandoval’s dismal record on Hispanic issues led legendary activist Dolores Huerta to […]