Rory Reid to traverse the state for final pre-election weekend

SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE Rory Reid will meet with voters across the state in the final weekend before Election Day, attending Nevada Day and Halloween events and canvassing and visiting businesses in Carson City, Reno and Las Vegas. He will be accompanied at various stops on the trail by his wife Cindy and their children. Scheduled […]

Rory Reid ‘vote for jobs’ tour continues

FROM SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASES After appearances in Reno today, Rory Reid will continue his “vote for jobs” tour tomorrow in Las Vegas. His schedule includes get-out-the-vote activities with volunteers and visiting with students at UNLV as well as joining SEIU for an event highlighting home health care. Today, accompanied by his wife Cindy, he was […]

Opinion: Sandoval’s time travel budget bust would leave Nevadans in the dust

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM RORY 2010 In a joint appearance on the TV program “Nevada Newsmakers” yesterday, Republican Brian Sandoval presented a dismal, backward strategy that would leave thousands of struggling Nevadans behind. Rory Reid demonstrated once again that he is the one candidate for governor with the experience and detailed plans to move our state […]

Rory Reid ‘vote for jobs’ tour heads to Elko

SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE Rory Reid will continue his “vote for jobs” tour today as he travels to Elko for his third debate with Republican Brian Sandoval. Today’s events Greet students and supporters 5 p.m. Great Basin College 1500 College Parkway Elko Great Basin College/KENV 10 Debate 6 p.m. Great Basin College Theatre 1500 College Parkway […]

Rory Reid releases new Spanish-language TV ad

SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE Rory Reid’s campaign has begun airing a new television ad on statewide Spanish-language television. The ad stresses the importance of education to Nevada families and the economic future of our state. “I am a candidate for governor because Nevada needs better public schools for all children,” Reid says in Spanish in the […]

Opinion: Record review shows Sandoval raised his own salary, gave himself a furniture allowance

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM RORY 2010 Brian Sandoval – the man with no budget plan – enjoys talking tough about being a fiscal conservative, even though he’s the one who sued the state legislature in 2003 for a massive $830 million tax increase. But the lawsuit isn’t the only thing in Sandoval’s record that doesn’t square […]

Opinion: Remember when? Sandoval lied about signing pledges

SUBMITTED RELEASE FROM RORY 2010 Brian Sandoval told Nevadans for months that he was working on a plan the balance the state budget. But he was lying. Early vote is here, and Sandoval has offered no plan to balance the state budget, despite his repeated public promises. That’s just how it goes for Sandoval. He’ll […]

Rory Reid ‘vote for jobs’ tour spends day in Reno

SUBMITTED NEWS RELEASE Rory Reid continued his “vote for jobs” tour today with five stops in Reno. He appeared at a Hispanic business round table in Reno this morning. This afternoon, he attended the Reno High School canvass launch this afternoon and made a campaign stop at King Ranch Market. He appeared at a private […]

Opinion: Sandoval’s plan to force a tax hike (w/video)

SUBMITTED RELEASE A new Web video from the Rory Reid campaign takes a close look at Brian Sandoval’s so-called “straight talk.” For months, Sandoval has refused to talk about how he would balance the state budget. He promised time and time again to show voters his plan. But that was a lie. Early voting is […]