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Four days post-Burn

September 9, 2010 ThisIsReno

By Bethany Drysdale I’ve heard that Burning Man is life-changing. I’ve also learned not to build up such grandiose expectations or you’re almost sure to be disappointed. Like the elusive orgasm, it’s best when it […]

Two Tales From The Playa
Burning Man

VIDEO: Two Tales from the Playa

September 7, 2016 Dana Nollsch

Every year there is an interesting migration through Reno. Burning Man brings thousands of travelers, adventure seekers, the curious, and burners. Now that the man has burned for the 30th time we see a myriad […]


More Burning Man Art Coming to Reno

September 28, 2016 Bob Conrad

Art from the playa will soon take up residence downtown in a newly vacated lot on Virginia Street. Two motels were recently demolished at that location, and the Reno City Council today approved a proposal […]