OPINION: The Necessity of Neutrality

December 1, 2017 ThisIsReno

By Adam Barrington For anyone remotely curious about what the elimination of net neutrality would mean for the United States, look no further than Portugal. All of the expected effects of repealing net neutrality are […]


PHOTOS: Black Friday Sales in Midtown

November 24, 2017 Ty O'Neil

Black Friday is known for two things: great sales and the possibility of riots over those sales. Even now videos on social media of customers battling over discounted goods have begun emerging. In strong contrast […]

Wyatt Daane

VIDEO: Kava and Kratom Bars in Reno

November 20, 2017 ThisIsReno

By Wyatt Daane We all know Reno is evolving culturally. The evidence is in the murals and vibrant arts scene. But what about general consciousness? Well now there is evidence of that too. This year […]