Two Tales From The Playa
Burning Man

VIDEO: Two Tales from the Playa

September 7, 2016 Dana Nollsch

Every year there is an interesting migration through Reno. Burning Man brings thousands of travelers, adventure seekers, the curious, and burners. Now that the man has burned for the 30th time we see a myriad […]

Burning Man

Day Trip to The Black Rock Desert

September 5, 2016 Chris Moran

Millennia ago, it was the bed of Lake Lahontan, which covered 8,610 square miles of western Nevada. Today, it’s the stunning, massive Black Rock Desert, a smooth expanse of silty, buff-colored playa that provides the […]

Lego truck at Burning Man

BLM Approves Permit for Burning Man

August 7, 2015 Bob Conrad

WINNEMUCCA — The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced today that it has issued a permit for 2015’s Burning Man at the Black Rock Desert. The announcement comes after arduous negotiations between BLM and Black […]