Hiking the Hunter Creek Trail


I took Sunday morning to hike Hunter Creek Trail to the falls with my daughter. Just a couple of weeks ago, there was a fire in the area that grew bigger than I ever thought it would. That shut the trail down for a while. In fact, we were supposed to go last weekend, but the trail closure forced me to switch this trip with the trip up Mount Rose.<

Climbing Mount Rose

Ryan Jerz

I’ve wanted to get out and climb Mount Rose for a few years. Knowing the round trip was about 10 miles made it seem like something that was possible, even if you moved at a slow pace. It would also signify a decent accomplishment. In my case, it’s the first real ascent I’ve made and the highest elevation I’ve reached outside of an airplane.

Good Wool Hunting: raising a sheep in the middle of Reno

My daughter, Emma, and her sheep, Socks, wait in line at the Reno Livestock Events Center for a weigh-in on February 27, 2011. Photo by Ryan Jerz.

This is the first part in what will be a brief, but ongoing series of posts about living in a city and raising livestock. Parents are faced with a lot of challenges. Most of them involve decisions that will seemingly affect a kid’s life forever at the expense of something in the short term. Many […]

Art at The Hub


Reno Photo of the Week – November 1-7, 2010

This photo, entitled “downtown reno” in manybits‘s Flickr stream, caught my eye for a few reasons. First, the recent trend of everything old is new again resonates with me. I have a lot of fun with some of the applications on my phone–taking pictures and tweaking them to make them look aged. Second, I like, […]

Reno Photo of the Week – October 17-23

Entitled “Reno, NV,” this photo from Gérald Verdon Photo on Flickr (view more of his photos on ambilux.com)caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First, I love the composition. Second, it’s the King’s Inn. The King’s Inn represents an awful lot about Reno right now, from the inability of the city’s government to completely […]

Reno Photo of the Week – September 19-26

I am a sucker for the Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens. I have one myself and think it’s capable of some outstanding effects. It also handles color saturation in different light real well. This shot is such a cool example of that. Taken by BeckImpressions on Flickr during the National Championship Air Races last week, it […]

Reno Photo of the (sort of) Week – September 6

I love this. It’s called “702-324-1315″ and it’s by Troy Holden on Flickr. The older limo set in front of a motel with brightly colored doors and trim is about as Downtown Reno as it gets. Perfectly captured and the little turning of the limo’s wheels inward is a nice touch.

Reno Photo of the Week – August 23, 2010

This Photo, entitled “Hot August Nights” was taken by ericmay.

Reno Photo of the Week – August 15, 2010

This is a new feature I wanted to start, as I regularly peruse the Flickr feed of everything tagged “Reno.” Each week, I plan on selecting a photo from Flickr, tagged “Reno” and featuring it here. I always welcome selections, of course. Hope you enjoy it. From Flickr user generallyfriendly. This photo was taken last […]

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