Brekhus to Trump: It’s not a good time (Opinion)

Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus
Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus

By Jenny Brekhus, Reno City Councilwoman

Some people have asked me my thoughts about the Trump visit to Reno on Wednesday; I thought I ought to respond. His visit does not come at a good time. Reno is in the middle of our special events season. Our police force has been working at full speed this busy summer staffing special events and we still have Burning Man and Street Vibrations to come.

I don’t think that it is widely recognized that the City of Reno has fewer officers than we did before the recession while our population has increased.

Officers are only capable to work so much overtime, and this previously unscheduled visit adds to already stretched staffing. Our financial position is fragile and additional costs will hit our budget. In addition, there have been demands on our police department this summer with several homicides and traffic fatalities.

Having President Trump visit this week also concerns me because there is a lot of unrest in American cities right now in response to Charlottesville and the President’s comments about what happened there. I was in Boston this summer over the 4th of July and saw a well-resourced big city police presence in full deployment for that joyous occasion. Crowd turnouts are hard to predict and even well-resourced Boston had its’ hands full this weekend.

Mayor Hillary Schieve called for President Trump to denounce racism and bigotry when he speaks on Wednesday. I agree with her and am shocked that our president seems to justify and give credibility to those who hold racist views. The Phoenix, Ariz. mayor is asking the President to choose another time to visit his city. In addition, there are indications that Trump may visit Phoenix to make a controversial pardon. If he takes this action just hours prior to visiting Reno, a changed dynamic could result and that could put a wrinkle into the planning and preparations.

While I do not know that there is precedent for a community to ask a POTUS to NOT come to town, and all Americans are free to travel across the USA as they wish, I am genuinely concerned about Reno hosting the President this week. Should POTUS decide to come on Wednesday, I have no lack of confidence in regional law enforcement agencies’ abilities to accommodate the visit.

Cities need to acknowledge their resource constraints, and as one in a leadership position I believe that a POTUS visit this week, on top of everything else that has gone on this busy summer, is too much. With this post I am asking others to join me in asking the POTUS to not come to Reno this week and hope that this visit might be reconsidered.

Vice President Pence was scheduled some time ago to come to the area this week. That visit is welcomed and accounted for.

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  1. The comments made here by the liberals of our city, including this ignorant and self-serving council woman, demonstrates what is entirely what wrong in our country. You people who defame and who continue to hold to fairly tales about what the President has said and what he hasn’t said, are totally without a morale compass. If you live in our great country, you reap all the benefits she provides therefore you should be proud to support our legally elected President even if your’s was a vote you did not cast for him. To do otherwise means you are un-American, for which you should be ashamed. It’s time to grow up and stop pouting about the fact that a candidate who made you “feel good”, as did Mr. Obama, did not win. Create your own “good feelings” and give the rest of us a break from the whining and sniveling. Sometimes you don’t get your way in this life…if your mother did not teach you that, then you did not have a good mother. However, you have now been told over and over again so try to behave and act like responsible citizens and adults. As for this “council woman”, not only will I NEVER vote for her again, but I will work actively to ensure no one else does either. She is a disgrace.

  2. I am in Scottsdale and have lived in both cities and follow all of Reno’s news. Jenny is correct about this in terms of extra expenses for the police and possible civil unrest. We definitely do not want the President here in Phoenix at this time due to security concerns. Racism and homophobia are wrong, period; it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat. Trump will ultimately be impeached, if you read the recent article in High Country News, you’ll see that racist politicians are ultimately ousted. Gary Johnson should replace Trump for president. As for the controversial pardon of Arpaio, that should come at another time.

  3. We wouldn’t need police presence if it wasn’t for the violence from the left! Your liberal mentors threw urine on the police officers in Boston and Charlottsville!! How low can you go! Trump has denounced the white supremacy,KKK and all other hate groups,but you and the mayor, still crying over the election, will not admit it! Thank God for our veterans and I thank them for inviting President Trump. # brekhusnotmy councilwoman. Hahaha

  4. We need members of Council who will help the local tourism business; not try to sabotage us. Come on now Jenny, put away that partisan rhetoric and tell it like it is:

    1. Reno worked very hard to win the National Convention of our American Legion. My fellow Legionnaires will spend several million dollars while here in Reno.

    2. Hopefully, if our citizens treat the Legionnaires to a warm welcome, they will return home to the other 49 states and Puerto Rico, with such great stories about Reno, thousands more will come for a vacation here.

    3. President Trump, just like every President before him, has an open invitation to the American Legion National Convention. As Commander-in-Chief, the President is also our most senior member. The American Legion always welcomes the President, regardless of political affiliation, to address the National Convention and any other assembly of our membership.

    4. The media coverage of a National Convention of this stature, coupled with an address by the President of our nation, provides millions of dollars worth of free promotion for Reno. Given that the American Legion picked Reno, now many other citizen groups will be considering our fair city as a convention destination, provided that the Legionnaires return home to their Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Lions Clubs, etc. with a positive report about Reno. So, lets do our best to welcome the Legionnaires and their families to Reno.

    Jenny, having a local, hyper-partisan member of Council publicly whining about our President, and by extension showing contempt for our Veterans who make up the American Legion Posts from all over our nation, does not help Reno. Council members should help local businesses, not use partisan rants to drive customers away. We want our elected representatives to welcome our fellow Americans to come here, to visit, vacation and to hold their business conferences here. If an elected representative is not working for us, they are working against us.

    Let’s try a different tone:

    Legionnaires, thanks for serving and thanks for choosing Reno for your National Convention. Thank-you for hosting our nation’s President here in Reno as the keynote speaker at your National Convention! Legionnaires, Reno loves our Veterans and we hope that you will all have such a great time here that you will return again and again with your family, your friends and with your business and professional associations. God Bless the American Legion and our United States of America.

    • Well said, our City Council women should not be expressing their party affiliation as this is not a partisan position. You were elected to represent all the people of Reno, NV not a select group.

  5. Sounds like Facism!!! This is a free country and many Americans want to see their POTUS. If you don’t, don’t go, but you and your liberal thugs that threaten us don’t scare us. Maybe instead of telling President Trump to not come, maybe you tell Soros, Antifa, and BLM to Stay away and not cause violence.

  6. He is the president of United States and he is free (as any other person) to travel where ever he pleases. But being a president he is supposed to be responsible and be aware of constraints and weigh in the impacts of his visit. But how can we expect any sort of responsibility from someone as arrogant and self centered as Trump? I believe that our local enforcement agencies are capable enough to do a good job despite of everything that is going on. We should thank our police for such an incredible job they are doing. At the same time we should denounce our president for a piss poor job he is doing. Personally, I do not welcome Mr. Trump to Reno.

  7. We need to remember that Mr. Trump is incapable of doing as Mayor Shieve asks. If you expect one thing from him, you can count on his doing the opposite. In my opinion, the best response is to say that he is unwelcome in our community because he is unable to be a president for all of us. He is too attached to white supremacy, a disregard for what our constitution upholds. and an utter disregard for leading our country in a direction of peace and wholeness.

  8. It might be wise to fire off an email to president Trump ASAP.
    Dear Mr. President,
    Due to budgetary shortfalls and previous Summers events we do not have the funds to provide you with security for this unplanned event.
    Please feel free to visit us with your own security which we will accommodate but unfortunately we will not be able to augment with additional personnel. We simply do not have the personnel to clear the streets for your motorcade or provide additional security for any rally spontaneous or planned on your part.
    Sincerely the city of Reno.

  9. Wow! The Snowflake syndrome has even hit our Council chambers. And to the woman above who claims that he is not your President, then consider yourself not an American also. Feel free to turn in your constitutional rights on your way to Canada.

    • Nick please feel free to donate any additional funds needed by the city to guarantee the President’s safety. Because this is an unplanned visit, it is obviously a rally for supporters and WHO better to pay for the additional costs involved than those that are so blindly supportive of him.
      How fun at the rally.

    • Don’t worry Nick G … nobody is telling you that you cant light up a tiki torch and denounce other peoples human rights. Its simply a matter of lack of resources needed to adequately accommodate your fuhrer’s visit. But as Doug suggested feel free to write a check …

    • A lot of people used to feel that way with Obama. As a member of the Washoe Dems, I was forever telling detractors and those disappointed with Obama’s tilt toward the far left, or not far left enough, depending on the critic, to just wait a few years and you will have a different President. The problem with public outcries of, “You’re not my President!” along with myriad other insults that find their way into the media, is that foreign leaders also see our media. When the “nattering na-bobs” continually attack our President, he may be seen as weak by our adversaries. The result could be that certain leaders may be emboldened to then attack our country or our citizens who live overseas. For example, Jimmy Carter was seen as a complete wimp. This resulted in a lot of our diplomats and service members being attacked while serving in foreign countries. It got so bad that Carter’s Pentagon issued orders for service members not to wear their uniforms while in the towns near their work places. I do not ask anyone to self-censor, but let’s be prudent; the more united we can appear to the outside world, the less likely we will get nuked in a pre-emptive strike.

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