VIDEO: Toytopia Offers Nostalgic Fun For Kids and Adults


Toytopia is a hands-on exhibit at the Wildbur D. May Center at Rancho San Rafael park. It is available to visitors until April 16, 2017.

With a footprint of nearly 7,000 square feet, Toytopia showcases specialty exhibits from well-known toymakers like Hasbro®, Duncan Yo-Yo®, Schleich®, Breyer®, Crayola®, KNEX® (Lincoln Logs®) and many others. This exhibition is an immersive adventure through 100 years of classic toys, games, and dolls.

When:  Jan. 21 – April 16, 2017

Where:  Wilbur D. May Museum

Cost:  Adults – $9.00, children (3-17) – $8.00, and seniors – $8.00

Contact:  (775) 785-5961 or



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