Reno Kicks Gives Back to Women of STEP2


The women of STEP2 receive a month of free workouts from Reno Kicks

WHO: Reno Kicks and STEP2

WHAT: Reno Kicks will be giving a FREE month of workouts to the women of STEP2.

WHEN: Entire month of February

WHERE: Reno Kicks, 10 State Street, Reno, Nev. 89501

WHY: To help the women of STEP2 stay on track with their life goals.
“Our main demographic is women, so what better way to give back to women in the community than by supporting STEP2,” said owner, Jordon Trice. “Working out can be a great outlet to relieve stress and keep you on a healthy, happy path and we want to do just that for STEP2.”

“Thank you to Reno Kicks for being so generous. STEP2 is so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community,” said Amelia Lane, STEP2 marketing coordinator. “The women of STEP2 are working on rebuilding their lives; being happy and healthy and surrounding themselves with positive people who are supportive of them – working out is a great place for that.”

The women of STEP2 receive a month of free workouts at Reno Kicks

About Reno Kicks: A unique circuit-based gym designed for maximum energy and calorie burn, with on-site trainers instructing workouts.

About STEP2: A comprehensive residential and outpatient treatment program that provides women struggling the opportunity to rebuild their lives.


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