VIDEO: Street Vibrations Fall Rally 2016 

Street Vibrations Motorcycles 2016
Photo: Ty O’Neil

More than 50,000 riders descended on Reno, Virginia City, and Carson City this past weekend, Sept. 21-25, for the 22nd Annual Street Vibrations Motorcycle Fall Rally. The event has become a staple in Reno and a pilgrimage for many riders who come to ride, socialize, and just have a great time.

While there have been some bumps in the road for Street Vibrations, this year’s crime statistics reflect a fairly safe event. 

Every year I check out the bikes and the event. This year I enjoyed the event with Ty O’Neil; he took photos and I did some video.  

For me the music seemed to dominate downtown Reno. There was a band on every corner playing and having fun. Vendors were also a big part of the downtown Reno portion of the event and it was hard to see the bikes through the vendors. In years past the bikes parked on Virginia Street and you could easily walk down the street and check out the bikes. This year you had to search out the bikes.  

After we checked out downtown, we went over to The Spice House, where the block was turned into an after-party for the 20th Annual Cat House Poker Run, sponsored by the Hells Angels. Here I spent some time with Troy Regas, one of the founding members of the Northern Nevada Chapter of the Hells Angels and the originator of the Cathouse Poker Run 20 years ago. Troy tells us a bit about The Cathouse Poker Run in the video below. 

The statistics this year seem to show that Street Vibrations was a safe event and a bit more uneventful than in some past years. Here are the official crime statistics: 

Reno Police Department statistics 2016  

Citations (18) 

  • Possession of Marijuana: 1 
  • Possession of Fireworks: 1 
  • Urinating in Public: 3 
  • Open Container: 3 
  • Panhandling: 11  
  • Warrant arrest: (1)   

Misdemeanor arrest (8) 

  • DUI: 3 
  • Obstructing and Resisting an Officer: 1 
  • Domestic Battery: 1 
  • Intoxicated Pedestrian in Roadway: 1 
  • Aggressive Panhandling: 2 
  • Gross Misdemeanor Arrest: (1) 
  • Battery on a Police Officer   

Felony arrest (1) 

  • Ex-felon in possession of a firearm/Carrying a concealed weapon 

Check out Ty O’Neil’s photo gallery here.

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