VIDEO: North Valleys Residents Frustrated with Traffic, Growth

North Valleys residents hear proposals from transportation officials to deal with area traffic problems.
North Valleys residents hear proposals from transportation officials to deal with area traffic problems.

Transportation officials met with North Valleys residents Thursday at O’Brien Middle School to present possible solutions to the region’s noted traffic problems.

Officials from the Washoe Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), Washoe County Board of Commissioners, City of Reno and the Nevada Department of Transportation presented options for short-term fixes to problem areas in the valley.

RTC officials said they have $3.5 million from road impact fees for projects.

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Residents expressed frustration with the continued residential and industrial development in the area. County and city officials were blamed for approving development projects without associated traffic mitigation, saying the $3.5 million falls short.

Reno City Councilman Paul McKenzie acknowledged the problems and said that funding for long-term solutions has not been found.

RTC officials said their role is to address traffic and pedestrian issues. Growth and development would have to be tackled by the Reno City Council and Washoe County Commission.

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  1. I’m surprised no one commented about continuing with the three lanes going north from Golden Valley through to Stead or a little further to Red Rock. Three lanes from Stead past McCarran going south would be useful to eliminate a lot of traffic as well. When one lane is jammed up getting off or coming on it would allow two lanes to flow freely. This seems to handle our congestion else where in our area. For right now other areas are building three lanes. I agree with the one man in your video that said the burden should be put on the developers. I thought years ago when they started putting three lanes going north from Reno towards Stead that you would have continued. You might want to do that. Coming into town from the north valleys three lanes would give those merging onto 395 South their own lane. Others would be in the left two lanes moving along without concern of the merging traffic at Stead, Lemon Valley and Golden Valley. I have many ideas but not very good at typing so have Bonnie Weber give me a call.

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