Halloween photo contest winner(s)


This was our first Instagram photo contest, and we could not be more pleased. Thanks to all who participated. We have a favorite, as selected by Ryan Jerz, plus a host of others who were simply great. Happy Halloween all!

First place

Great kids’ costumes, courtesy of @michellereno.

Photo Oct 31, 6 46 40 PM

Honorable mentions

Ryan: It’s effin Garth, courtesy of @noblestudios.

Photo Oct 31, 6 46 57 PM

Bob: It’s effin Effie, by @powerk.

Photo Oct 31, 6 56 13 PM

Bob: @jerzabel with rubber horse mask.

Photo Oct 31, 6 46 29 PM

Bob: Female joker, courtesy of @pypelineediting.

Photo Oct 31, 6 46 48 PM

Bob: SkeleStockton, courtesy of @jbstockton.

Photo Oct 31, 6 47 03 PM

Bob: Bloody rooster man, courtesy of @ashdotjen.

Photo Oct 31, 6 47 15 PM

Thanks to all who entered. View all entries below.

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